Get on your bike!  Get active!  Get fit!

After all the essentials are packed, sometimes it’s impossible to fit in the bikes. The children’s might fit, but how are you going to bring Mum and Dad’s? Don’t worry . . .

We have adult bikes for hire!

We don’t have child seats for the bicycles, but bring your own and it should fit onto our bikes.

£10.00 per day low season.  £12.50 per day high season. Bike hire includes helmet, lock, and puncture repair kit.

Ruthern Valley Holidays
The Hirer

The Hirer:-
1. Agrees to inspect the bicycle(s) prior to signing this agreement and confirms that the bicycle(s) are in a satisfactory state and safe and fit for purpose.
2. Agrees that the hirer or anyone in his/her party will not undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond his/her skill level or unsuitable for the bike’s capability.
3. Declares that the hirer and everyone in his/her party is in good health and have eyesight which is up to the standard required for a road driving test. Neither the hirer nor anyone in his/her party suffers from any medical conditions or disability which is likely to adversely affect the normal control of the bicycle.
4. Accepts that cycle helmets and high-viz vests have been offered and, should the hirer decide not to use them, then the hirer accepts full responsibility. The hirer inspected the helmets & equipment prior to signing this agreement and can confirm that they fit and that they are free of any defects and damage.
5. Declares that all in his/her party recognise that cycling carries risks and that we are aware of these risks.
6. Agrees that all bicycles in my party will be locked to an immovable object whenever they are left unattended.
7. Agrees to pay in advance for the full hire period of the bicycles by credit/debit card
8. Agrees to leave credit/debit card details as security against any potential loss or damage to any bicycle in our hire.
9. Agrees that the credit/debit card details left will be debited for cost of any loss or damage to any bicycle in his/her hire as explained in the Terms and Conditions below.

1. We will take full payment when you book. We will need to keep your credit/debit card details on file for the duration of your hire period, to act as security against loss and/or damage. The details will be held securely and will be destroyed once we have received the equipment back in the same condition as it was issued.
2. We will supply you with a helmet and high-viz jacket for each bike that you hire and we strongly recommend that you use them whenever riding your bike.
3. Your use of our bikes and accessories is entirely at your own risk and we will not accept liability for any personal injury to you or your party, or third party, or loss or damage to property howsoever caused.
4. Non-returns will be charged at £300 per bicycle; helmet at £20; lock at £10, high viz jacket £7.50.
5. It is your responsibility to keep the hire equipment safe at all times. We provide you with a lock to secure the bike. Any equipment stolen during the hire period will be charged to you in full as per the non-return outlined in point 4 of these Terms and Conditions.
6. Usage: Our bikes are suitable for use on roads and fully maintained cycle trails such as the Camel Trail. By hiring a bike from us, you agree not to use them for off-roading, steep descents, jumping or other specialist activities. You also agree to use the bike safely, with due care and attention to other road and cycle trail users.
7. Breakdown: We provide you with both a puncture repair kit, a spare inner tub and a pump to enable you to deal with any punctures yourself. If you suffer a puncture, you must not ride on the flat tyre as this will damage the wheel. Such action would be considered as negligence on your part and we will charge you for the repair or replacement of the wheel. In the unlikely event of any other breakdowns, please contact us on 01208 831395 or 07740 613112 so that we can make alternative arrangements for you.
8. Damage: The bike and accessories should not sustain any damage through proper use. The equipment must be returned to us in the same condition as it was issued. You are responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment.


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