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Stargazing from Ruthern Valley

No light pollution – great for stargazing

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis in Cornwall, we have been doing a little stargazing. Did you know you can see the Milky Way from Earth? On a clear night we can see the Milky Way, Cassiopeia, Ursa Major (The Plow, or The Big Dipper if you’re American), and lots more. We don’t have any outside lighting on the campsite, which makes Ruthern Valley quite peaceful in the evenings. Head torches can come in handy when moving about! CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) shows us in an area of least light pollution!

Helman Tor – a great spot for stargazing

About six miles away is fascinating Helman Tor, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, which on a clear night is a perfect vantage point to lie back and gaze at the stars.  There is a car park at the foot of Helman Tor. Red Moor, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Breney Common, a Special Area of Conservation, are nearby too and might be of daytime interest, along with Luxulyan Valley, one of Cornwall’s most beautiful wooded walks.

Aurora Borealis, Cornwall June 2015

Photos were taken of the Aurora all over Cornwall.  The main picture was taken by Jem Burrows in St Agnes (see the BBC news item).  Close by us on Bodmin Moor the views were equally magnificent.

A video of the Aurora Borealis taken from Bude, Cornwall here.


For those who want a few more tips about the stargazing, is a great website for some basic information.