Access Statement for Ruthern Valley Holidays


We aim to ensure that all our visitors can enjoy our accommodation and facilities.  If you need any assistance either whilst planning your visit or during you stay, we would be delighted to help.  Please contact us if you have any queries or requests regarding access to our facilities.


  • We cater for tents, camper vans, caravans and motor homes, and have our own 3 static caravans, 4 bungalows, and 8 lodges.
  • We offer fax, email, and telephone and also have our own website.

Arrival and Parking

  • The Reception and Shop building has a tarmac area to the front for parking and access.  Access to Shop/Reception is via 2 steps down (10cm and 12.5cm) and a 4cm step over threshold.  There is a handrail to the side of the steps.
  • Each lodge, bungalow, caravan and pitch has a dedicated parking space.

Reception and Shop

  • Access to shop as detailed above.  Shop door is 80cm wide.
  • Once inside, the shop is on one level.
  • The service counter is 90cm high.

Public Areas – General

  • Internal road surfaces are tarmac or gravel.
  • There is a children’s play area, which has level access from the road.  There is seating (bench) with a view of the whole play area.
  • The surface of the play area is grass, with wood chippings directly beneath the play equipment.
  • There is a woodland walk, which is unsuitable for those with limited sight or mobility due to uneven paths, over-hanging trees, stream, boggy areas etc.

Public Areas – W.C., Shower Block, and Touring Facilities

  • The toilet, shower, and washing facilities are located on the edge of the main camping field, beside the main access road.  Steps to facilities are as follows:
  • Washing and laundry area – 2 steps (15cm each)
  • Male W.C. – 2 steps (max. 24cm)
  • Female W.C. – 2 steps (max. 24cm)
  • Shower 1 – 4 steps (13-18cm)
  • Shower 2 – 4 steps (14-17cm)
  • Shower 3 – Level Access.
  • Washing machines and tumble dryers are front-loading.
  • Hand washing sink (for clothes) in 92cm high with 12cm step.
  • Dishwashing sinks are 95cm high with a level counter top.
  • Toilet cubicles are 80cm wide.
  • Rubbish and recycling facilities – level access to side of facilities block.
  • Touring pitches all level access – all pitches grass apart from 2 hard standings and 3 Pods.
  • Pod access by steps: 1 step and threshold.
  • Drinking water tap beside facilities block at a height of 90 cm with level access.


Arrival and Parking

  • Lodges are set back from the road by no more than 20m.
  • Parking within a least 20m of lodge over level ground.  Spaces are 5.9m by 2.1m and access is available from all sides.

Main Entrance

  • Lodges are accessible by steps between 6cm and 14cm high.  The amount of steps varies from lodge to lodge as follows:
  • Lodge 1 – 1 step
  • Lodge 2 – 1 step
  • Lodge 3 – 1 step
  • Lodge 4 – 1 step
  • Lodge 5 – 2 steps
  • Lodge 10 – 10 steps
  • Lodge 11 – 4 steps
  • Lodge 12 has level access other than a step down to the kitchen of 8 cm.
  • Bungalows are level access other than threshold through front door to kitchen.
  • Lodges are accessible by front doors 80cm wide and sliding doors 2m wide.

Kitchens (self-catered)

  • Kitchen counter is 90cm high with cupboards underneath.  Cooker and Fridge-freezer are set on the floor.  Sink is level with countertop.
  • Table 75cm high, with chairs provided.
  • There is a 65 – 145cm space in all kitchens.


  • All lodges and bungalows are two-bedroomed.  Bedroom 1 has a double bed with a 70-80cm wide free space around both sides and foot.
  • Bedroom 2 has double, twin, or bunk beds depending on the lodge/bungalow, with a free space of 65-140cm wide.  The free space in most lodges/bungalows is much greater, depending on the bed arrangement.


  • In each bathroom (1 per unit), there is a sink, toilet, and bath.
  • The side of the bath is 50cm high.  Baths have electric showers over them.
  • Bathroom doorways are 60cm wide.

Sitting Rooms

  • Sitting rooms are spacious and all are equipped with sofa beds with a seat height of 44cm and two chairs with a seat height of 46cm, all with arms.  Three small tables are provided which range between 40cm and 60cm in height.


  • Hallways in lodges and bungalows are 100cm wide. Doorways lead off the hallway into all other rooms and are 75cm wide.


  • Lodges all have a decked area to the front of sliding doors.  Decking is level to the lodge (apart from sliding door threshold).  Steps lead from the decking to the grass and vary between 10cm and 16cm high.


Arrival and Parking

  • Car parking is provided in front of each caravan.  Spaces are not marked but cars can be accessed from all sides.

Main Entrance

  • Each caravan has two sets of 3 steps of 12cm each with a side handrail.  The steps have non-slip surfacing.
  • Exterior doorways into the caravans are 70cm wide.
  • Hallways and corridors vary between 57cm and 80cm in width.  Interior doorways are 50cm wide.


  • Each caravan has two bedrooms – a double and a twin with 23-63cm free space beside the bed in the double and 30-63cm space around beds in the twin.

Kitchens (self-catered)

  • Kitchens have a countertop and sink at a height of 90cm, with a sink on the same level.  There are cupboards both underneath and overhead.

Sitting Rooms

  • Sitting rooms have built-in sofas with arms and a seat height of 50cm.  There is also a table (70cm) and bar style stools (50cm).


  • Each caravan has a bathroom equipped with sink, toilet, and shower.  There is a step into the shower cubicle (28cm high).

Additional Information

  • Mobile network coverage varies, but a public telephone is provided.
  • Local taxi services are available.

Contact Information

Although we have tried to be as accurate as possible, and include as much detail as we can in this statement, we are always willing to give information on any aspect of the park. If this statement does not answer your particular question, please let us know and we will endeavour to answer your question and amend this statement for future use.

We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve. If you have any comments, please phone 01208 831395 or email.

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