Neolithic Cornwall

Away from the bustle,

away from the beaches,

away from the buzz – imagine what it would be like to live in Cornwall 5000 years ago …

First, find a high hill —
Neolithic Cornwall near Ruthern Valley:

Rough Tor, perfect for a picnic.  ± PL32 9QJ.

Right across the A30 is Helman Tor.  ± PL30 5DF. 

The Cheeserings and the Hurlers± PL14 5LL, are right next to each other about half an hour away.  You have to see them to believe them.

Trethevy Quoit, pictured, ± PL14 5JY, very near the Hurlers.


Noun; Celtic origin.
A rocky pinnacle; a peak of a bare or rocky mountain or hill.


The flat covering stone of a dolmen.


A megalithic tomb with a large flat stone laid on upright ones, found chiefly in Britain and France.

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